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What are the most common phone repairs ?

Broken screen, damaged front glass

Mobile phone screen repair is by far the most frequent repair in our store. We are committed to fix your device fast, while keeping the price competitive. In fact, you should expect perfect results !

Broken LCD screen or the only front glass broken ? Touchscreen doesn’t work ? Those things are one integral part bonded together and every time we have to replace the glass and the screen. It also results in better quality job.

We keep replacement LCD screens for most mobile phones in stock, so we can help you when you urgently need it. 

Accidental liquid damage

Water damaged phone can be repaired but it is always a subject to diagnosing it first. You must bring it as soon as possible as battery needs to be disconnected and the motherboard should be washed immediately after the damage.

Problems with charging or issues with the battery

You don’t need a new phone if the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. New battery replacement will do the job. Even if the phone shows 70% and then drops to 20%, it usually is the same thing.

Don’t think too long ! If the battery behaves strange, the next step probably will be that it will start swelling. That can make some further damage to the internals of your phone.

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What our customers say

Kassandra Galeano

Great customer service real nice employees and will help you right away if you have any problems!

Lionard Noda

Yeah these guys are awesome fixed my phone in less then 40 minutes. I took my phone to other repair shops but these people just offer way better prices and wayyy better customer service we’ll see you guys again for other repairs thanks 🙂

Ricardo Martinez

Excelente servicio. En menos tiempo del ofrecido. Calidad inmejorable, extraordinaria asesoría, precios solidarios con garantía, personal capacitado y agradable. ¡Altamente recomendado!

Rebeca Poleo

Excelente trato, muy profesionales, rápidos en hacer el trabajo, se los recomiendo, gracias por el buen servicio.